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Guest Book for Lucille Hatfield

Lynn and Tom Martinelli

Agawam, MA

Our prayers are with you. Lucille was a wonderful woman, we saw her at many 87th Division Reunions. Tom was in the same platoon with Merle, who is a close and valued friend. We will mis both of them..If anyone has Merle's address I would like to get it.

MaryJean Bower

Bloomsburg PA

Hi, Carol,
I just received a news clipping from my Mom with the news of your Mom's death. I am so sorry to hear this and want to express my deepest sympathy to you, your Dad, and your whole family. Your Mom was just so sweet-I think of her every time I make wacky cake, and that is often. Now I will send a prayer her way when I make it, so there will be lots of prayers, for sure! She always made going over to your house fun because she showed such an interest in what was going on with me and made me feel special. I'm sure you will miss her and I will keep you in my prayers also.

Ann & George Hapstak

Canal Fulton oh

Merle sorry to here about Lucille. We
remember all the good times we had at B&W. Our prays are with you.


Whitney "Williams" Barshinger

York PA

Dear Mr. Hatfield and Carol, I was up visiting my parents in Clarks Summit when I heard of Mrs. Hatfield's passing. I am so very sorry for your loss. Mrs. Hatfield was always so kind to me and supportive of my singing while I was growing up. She was always there with a smile to brighten your day. I too miss seeing you both when I turn into the neighborhood. You were a staple in my memories of this town. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!



Charlie & Connie Leavesley

So. Abington Twp. PA

Dear Mr. Hatfield, Carol and family: We are truly sorry to hear of Mrs. Hatfield's passing. She was a wonderful lady and we know you will miss her dearly. Your kindness to Ruth and Smitty will always be remembered. Our prayers are with you.
Love, Connie

Al Traettino

Nicholson Pa

Dear Mr.Hatfield and Carol, My sincerest condolences on the passing os Mrs. Hatfield. I still remember sitting in Chas' room and Mrs. H. bring us tuna fish sandwichs, for lunch, and the next day making us "Toads-in-the-holes", for breakfast. That was the first time I thought"how nice it would be to live in a normal household" I'll always treasure and ,fondly, remember it. Sincerely, A.A.Traettino and family

Scott and Kelli Thorpe

South Abington Twp PA

Dear Mr. Hatfield and Carol,

We're both so sorry to hear the news of Mrs. Hatfield's passing. She was a great person and a stong asset to the Chinchilla United Methodist Church. We miss celebrating Christmas Eve with you and Mrs. Hatfield at my parents house. We hope you are doing well. We will keep you in our prayers.

Joe and Audrey Te'Ketch

Scranton PA 18508 PA

We were sorry to hear about Lucille. She was a lovely lady.
Many Happy Thoughts
Many Happy Times
We had at Babcock and Wilcox
Please extend our Sympathy to your family.
Love and Prayers
Joe and Audrey Te'Ketch

Patti and Tudor Williams

South Abington Township PA

Dear Merle and Carol, We're both so sorry to hear of Lucille's passing. We both thought a lot of her. She was a wonderful worker for the Church. We missed both of you, Merle, when you moved. We had no idea or we would have been there to say goodbye and thank you for every time you took care of a "water problem" for us. I always expect to see you in the yard when I turn onto Shady Lane Road. You are in our prayers. God bless you during this sad time. With love.

Phil and Arlene Spinka

South Abington Township PA

Dear Merle,
We were saddened to read about the passing of Lucille. The friendship and memories over the past 40 years remain. Your seat next to me at the Summit Diner Thursday morning breakfast is always open. Our hope is that you are doing well. You will remain in our thoughts and prayers and we certainly hope to see you again.
Very sincerely,
Phil and Arlene Spinka

Michael & Annmarie Margotta

Roaring Brook Twp PA

Dear Merle and family,

Please accept our sincere sympathy over the Lucille's passing. She was a dear lady and we have only fond memories of her. We had some good laughs over situations at the Mercy Hops ital.

Merle, take care and God bless you and your family.

Michael and Annmarie Margotta

Bill and JoAnn Warner

S Abington Twp Pa

Merle and Carol I will never forget your wife and mother. Merle its with a deep sorrow that I can only say I am sorry. I will remember Lucille running down from the church with hogies while we worked the elections. I think of the two of you very often and will continue to do so.


Taylors sc

Carol and Walter ,
Just wanted you to know our prayers our with you at this time. She will be missed by all.

Myrt Wagner (NHC)
Steve Wagner ( Golden Years Ministry)

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