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For the convenience of the families that desire cremation we have designed a few cremation options around the most requested types of cremation services. They are designed to assist you and your family when planning final disposition by cremation.

The local crematory requires the use of an alternative container for handling and placement of a deceased person at the crematory. We offer a choice as to the type of cremation container you would like to be used. These range from the most simple container to those that more closely resemble a very simple casket. We also have a selection of Urns that may be used for final disposition. You will find all of these prices within the General Price List.

  • Traditional Funeral Service with cremation following the service.
  • Funeral Home Chapel/Church memorial service without the body present at the service.
  • Direct Cremation
  • Within the categories listed above, there are a number of choices available to meet each family's needs.


Cremation with Traditional Funeral Service Package (Body is present at service) - Includes Crematory Fee

A. Traditional funeral service package
B. Traditional Funeral Service with Acknowledgment Package
C. Traditional Funeral Service with Acknowledgment Package and Video Tribute Creation
D. Plus rental casket or cremation casket

Cremation with Memorial Service and/or Wake Service - Includes Crematory Fee

Total Services and Motor Equipment - Includes Crematory Fee

A. Transfer of remains to funeral home. Additional mileage charge (one way) of $1.75/mile outside of 25 mile radius.

B.Preparation and care of body for identification.

C.Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff including:

        1. 24 Hour availability of Staff

        2. Securing and recording of vital statistics.

        3. Permits

        4. Arrangements with family

        5. Use of facilities and/or equipment at church/funeral home for Memorial Service

        6. Arrangements with crematory

        7. Transfer of remains to crematory

        8. Staff services for directing Memorial Service

Total Services, Facilites, Motor Equipment and Acknolwedgment Package - Includes Crematory Fee
Total Services, Facilities, Motor Equipment and Acknowledgment Package - Includes Video Tribute Creation & Crematory Fee

Additional Charges and Options for Memorial Service

Acknowledgement Package (If not chosen with Package)

Includes Custom Folder Printing, Register Book, and Custom Thank You Printing.

Family Service or Prayer Service

*Please see our Boulger Funeral Home General Price List for a complete explanation of services and charges


This price includes crematory fee.

Our charge for a direct cremation (without ceremony) includes:
  • Minimum services of staff which includes filing the necessary papers with the State, care of body until transport to the crematory (not to exceed 24 hours), and coordination with the crematory.
  • Container to transport the body to the crematory.
  • Initial transfer of the deceased from place of death within Cass and Clay counties
  • Transportation to crematory
Holding Charge
$75 /day

Bodies held for  longer than 48 hours will be charged a daily fee.

Private Family Viewing

Our  Direct Cremation charge does not include coordinating a memorial service with the church, providing cash advance items on the family's behalf, obituary to newspaper, or storage  of  ashes after the cremation.   If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container.  Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition  materials, with or without an outside covering.  The containers we provide are constructed of a wood base  cardboard shell.

1. Direct cremation with container provided by purchaser
2. Direct cremation with alternative container provided by funeral home
3. Direct cremation with casket as selected from casket list

"Minnesota state law requires the medical examiner to investigate any death where the body of the deceased is to be a result    funeral directors are required to call the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s office for prior approval on all cremations."   If a delay is experienced in receiving approval the funeral home will charge $75.00 per day to care for the deceased until permission is received.

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