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Planning ahead gives us the opportunity to prepare for future events of importance to us and those we love. It also makes sense to plan for that which is inevitable.

The process of making plans for your own funeral - or that of a loved one - well in advance of need is called Preplanning. Funeral preplanning includes writing out and setting up a permanent record of your wishes. The written expression of your thinking as to the type of service, burial location and other details are very important, along with your written record of vital statistics. Many people also choose to pay for their funeral in advance. To Prefund is an option that more people are choosing because it allows you to consider cost-effective options at a time when you are better prepared to make sound, fiscally responsible decisions.

Prearrangement means that you have taken the opportunity to both preplan and prefund. Our funeral directors are more than qualified to meet with you regarding pre-arrangements.

We encourage people at any age to become acquainted with the costs and all the decisions that need to be made when a loved one encounters the inevitable. Having to discuss arrangements at the time of need is probably one of the hardest financial decisions that we will face in our lifetime. Any one of the staff at our funeral home would be glad to meet with you to discuss how best to carry out your wishes.

We have composed a checklist which you may wish to use. Since each person is unique, some of the items listed may apply to prearrangement in your life and some you may wish to ignore.

  • Why choose Boulger Funeral Home?
  • What takes place in a prearrangement interview?
  • Why pay in advance?
  • What laws apply?
  • Why should I prearrange?
  • Begin prearranging by filling out our contact form or downloading our prearrangment form

If you would like more information about Prearranging your funeral and would like to receive a FREE Planning Guide, simply contact the funeral home or fill out our contact form.

Plans we offer include: (click one)

  • Homesteaders Insurance
  • FDLIC Insurance
  • Bank Department Trust Account

    Boulger Funeral Home of Fargo - Quality funeral preplanning services for you and your loved ones. Contact us today for professional funeral pre-planning needs and questions.

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